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Even If You Have No Technical Skills


Coach, consultant or service-based entrepreneur?

6-Figure Sales Funnels™ is Your Fast Pass to Automated Sales

You're an expert. You've created a product or service you know can transform the lives of your clients.

But, there's just one problem.

You don't have a high-converting automated sales process in place to help your audience make a buying decision...

6-Figure Sales Funnels solves that problem by giving you everything you need to convert your target audience into clients and customers...

What is 6-Figure Sales Funnels?

First and foremost, 6-Figure Sales Funnels is exactly what the name says... you’re getting access to the exact sales funnels my clients have used to consistently bring in 6 figures...

In some cases, that's not 6-figures per year.

It's 6-figures per month. 

Imagine what it would be like to click a button and have these proven sales funnels installed directly into your business... ready to turn your audience into paying clients and customers.

  • How many more clients would you get this year? 
  • How many more lives could you transform?
  • How much more profitable would you be?

Exciting right? And here's the fun part... that's exactly what you get when you join!

Instant access to all of my proven sales funnels - including professionally written email templates, landing pages, sales pages, and checkout pages, and automation campaigns. 

So simple to install your virtual assistant can do it for you... just give them access to the step-by-step video guides and in a couple of hours you’ll be using the same blueprint others have used to 10x their results.


Does This Sound Like You...?

Most of my clients have a general understanding of how Sales Funnels work... and how important they are to creating a profitable business.

The problem is, most are experts in their field - they aren't necessarily marketing gurus. This means creating an entire marketing campaign (optin pages, email follow-up series, checkout pages etc) can feel a little (a lot) overwhelming.

If you're like these clients, you know you need a sales funnel but don't have the time it takes to

a) learn new software

b) build sales pages from scratch

c) become a sales copy expert

d) write dozens of marketing emails

Heck, even if you're an old pro, building an entire sales funnel from scratch is a big, hairy job.

So, whether you’re brand new to sales funnel, or are an old pro just looking to get bigger, better results with a proven system... 6-Figure Sales Funnels has you covered...

What You Get with
6 Figure Sales Funnels™


Over the years, I've built 6- and multiple-6-figure sales funnels for dozens of business owners. These proven sales funnels are what you now get pre-built and installed with 1 click, directly into your Ontraport account.


Get off to a lightning fast start with our Onboarding Strategy Consultation. On this call we'll walk through your business and create a strategic plan to get your sales system up and running in days instead of months.


Each 6-Figure Sales Funnel comes with its very own training video and implementation guide. You'll watch over my shoulder as I install each funnel into a new Ontraport account and walk you through the simple steps to tweak our templates to match your message and branding.


Get exclusive access to our 6-Figure Mastermind Community where you can get your questions answered and learn from the other entrepreneurs who are using our proven funnels to create more profit in their businesses, just like you. 


Feel like you need more support? Join us for our regularly scheduled Q&A calls to get all your questions answered, or attend our monthly training webinar and discover new strategies to supercharge your business. 


Installing our proven 1-click funnels is so simple, your VA can do it for you... why not train them to manage your Ontraport account for you? This comprehensive video training course gives your team everything they need. $790 Value.

What Kind of Funnels Are Included?

Wondering if we've got the right funnel for your business?
Here are just a few of the proven, 1-click install funnels included in 6-Figure Sales Funnels™

This is just a sample of what is available. New funnels are always being added. Each 6-Figure Sales Funnel comes with its own landing pages, email templates, automation and video training guide and can literally be installed in minutes... Saving you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.


You are a coach, consultant or service-based entrepreneur...

You have a product or service you're ready to launch in a bigger way...

You know you need a sales funnel to convert your audience into clients and customers...

You want a done-for-you, battle-tested, proven sales funnel that converts

You want to start getting results immediately and don't have a second to waste...

What People Are Saying

Dana Malstaff, CEO of Boss Mom

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Katie Cannon, 5x British Gymnastic Champion

Sherri Somers, Revenue Attraction Coach

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6-Figure Sales Funnels™ is currently available by application only. Click the button below to schedule your free strategy call and find out if our program is the right fit for your business...

The 6-Figure Sales Funnels program is set up to be as simple as humanly possible. That means, as long as you are able to follow step-by-step video instructions, you will have no trouble using our systems with confidence. That being said, we have an online community where you can as questions, as well as weekly Q&A calls that you can attend if you get stuck so you're never alone.   

Once you're in the program you'll want to be using the same technology we use so that you can duplicate our funnels in your account with a single click. The cost of this software is $149/month but replaces your existing landing page software, email marketing software, membership site software, payment processing software etc. so most people find it actually saves them money. 

You may also decide to invest in advertising but that is not a requirement of the program. 

Honestly, this varies from person to person. Most people are able to start using the Lead Magnet Funnel to generate leads on within the first 48 hours, while getting your first Flash Sale Funnel setup may take a little longer as there are more email templates to edit.

The process is the same for every one of the 12 (and counting) automated funnels available in your account, so once you've installed one it will be very quick and easy to do the rest.