Frequently Asked Questions

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Answers to the Most Commonly Asked Questions

The 6-Figure Sales Funnels program is set up to be as simple as humanly possible. That means, as long as you are able to follow step-by-step video instructions, you will have no trouble using our systems with confidence. That being said, we have an online community where you can as questions, as well as weekly Q&A calls that you can attend if you get stuck so you're never alone.   

Once you're in the program you'll want to be using the same technology we use so that you can duplicate our funnels in your account with a single click. The cost of this software is $149/month but replaces your existing landing page software, email marketing software, membership site software, payment processing software etc. so most people find it actually saves them money. 

You may also decide to invest in advertising but that is not a requirement of the program. 

Honestly, this varies from person to person. Most people are able to start using the Lead Magnet Funnel to generate leads on within the first 48 hours, while getting your first Flash Sale Funnel setup may take a little longer as there are more email templates to edit.

The process is the same for every one of the 12 (and counting) automated funnels available in your account, so once you've installed one it will be very quick and easy to do the rest.